“I want to help people,

who feel responsible for this world!"

Jürgen Hummes

Since 1999 shamanic counseling with the support of the Bodhisattva soul Afrani (Mary Magdalene).

A nature spirit hike in the Black Forest, year 2006

I have been a horse lover since childhood

One recognizes oneself in life, not only in meditation

Children are important to me because they can express their unadulterated nature even more

On the island of La Gomera, the Spirebos and I work since January 2022

Our meditation house in Odrintsi, Bulgaria

Our herd of horses in Africa

Our House of Culture in Togo

Potato harvest, everyone helps – including me!

Meeting with the shaman, Mr. Mabrik, of Dominica in 2021

My good fairy Gabi

Natural food and self-sufficient life are important for me

Tamara, me and Timo at the pier in La Gomera, 2021

Without shadow we would not recognize the light, without light we would not recognize the shadow

Our symbol of creation

To move the Meridian Expedition forward, I flew to Dominica in the Caribbean

My advice has nothing to do with religion or beliefs

New beginning in Bulgaria in 2015

Creative love has nothing to do with what is generally understood by it

Cohesion is an important asset

Meditation on Dominica to gain new insights, 2021

A portrait of me in Togo times

In Togo we had an orphanage for children in need

Excursion and meditation in nature with the Spirebo community

I am grateful for being able to use the power of the elements and minerals

Gesprächsrunde die auch Beratung ist

Round table on the quarterdeck of the steel rat

Examine herbs in Bulgaria, 2015

Our meditation house in Bulgaria

Eteka Dja, the infirmary we built in Togo

A sick goat gets medical care from Simone and me

A self pottery heart from the time in the Eifel

Pulling threads from the warping tree

A portrait that a reporter in Bulgaria made of me

An old hand loom I used to weave fabrics for clothes in Bulgaria

Ride with the steel rat 2022

Shipyard time in Spain was hard, but necessary for the Meridian Expedition

Gesprächsrunde die auch Beratung ist

Round table on the quarterdeck of the steel rat

A man is only as strong as the woman who stands behind him

A photo from the times in the Black Forest with my dog and friend Mogle, year 2006

The Steel Rat, after we left our village Odrintsi, gave us a new home with 28 people

Auf der Suche nach Antworten

In search of answers

Ride with dromedaries for bush ambulance

The sailing ship Stahlratte, built in 1903, enabled the start of the Meridian Expedition in 2021

The white river in Odrintsi helped me to forward information

Bush Ambulance in Togo, West Africa

The Meridian Expedition took us from Bulgaria to Spain in 2021

The complete Spirebo community of 28 people, including me, in Spain in 2021.

Bringing in the hay harvest In Odrintsi, 2016