This is how you reach me:

E - MAIL 1:

E - MAIL 2:

My bank details:

Family Account Jürgen & Gabriele Hummes 

DKB Bank

Account Nbr. 107 366 93 90

Banc Code 120 300 00

IBAN DE85 1203 0000 1073 6693 90


Data such as phone numbers & addresses I no longer give, because they can change at any time, depending on where I am for current tasks.


Via e-mail I am most reliably reachable, but please have a little patience, we do not check e-mails every day and I myself can not operate a computer or a smartphone!

And that’s why I would like to thank Timo and Bastian from the Spirebo community once again for creating this homepage for me, so that people can find these texts – THANK YOU!

Here is the fastest way via the contact form:

    CLARITY through TRUTH - A Shaman unpacks

    More info, new topics and answered questions can be found in my podcast (internet radio)

    IN GERMAN! But you can ask questions in english, no problem 🙂