About me


I myself…
… was a pain patient for many years (1986 to 1998)
… discovered in the darkest hour of my life in 1998 my close connection to spiritual advisors.                         
… am a husband, father, grandfather, good friend and spiritual advisor of the Spirebo community.                 
… am searching for profound knowledge about different energies and connections within creation
… never wanted to found a community – and probably that’s why I’ve been living closely with the Spirebos since 2006.

My life in short

Our herd of horses in Togo, West Africa. I have been a horse lover since childhood.

Born in Mönchengladbach in 1958, I grew up as the son of a master tailor and started organic farming in the Eifel region at the age of 20.

I am a trained carpenter. I am also a weaver and textile designer. I have worked in the forest and as a potter.

In 1986 I fell ill with Lyme disease, which at that time could not be diagnosed. For 12 years I suffered from sometimes very bad attacks of pain, for the relief of which there was no acceptable medical help at that time.

In 1998, I decided to stop having chemical preparations pumped into me. I had almost given up on myself, and sought refuge in the nearby forest, where I had often gone before. There I had a unique experience.

This was the beginning of a steadily intensifying contact with the spiritual world and a growing awareness of this invisible level of our creation. The illness increased my sensitivity and ability to perceive spiritual energies, my surroundings and other people.

On the other hand, the pain strengthened my humility before the true greatness of our creation.

The new awareness and the spiritual forces of nature helped me to heal myself. Since the year 2000 I have stood by thousands of people as a counselor for health problems and various other life issues.

My tasks are constantly shifting.

Together with other capable people, I try to work on a mental level for an improvement of the energetic situation in our creation.

Since 2006 I have been accompanying the spiritual rainbow community (Spirebo) .

Our common path led from Germany to Togo (West Africa) to a sacred mountain. Then to Bulgaria to balance energies between Orient and Occident. Finally with a sailing ship on the Atlantic Ocean to dissolve blockages on meridian paths and light centers.

Currently on the Canary Island La Gomera, where I want to help people through my sense training to bring themselves as guardians of the light for our earth (you can learn more about this career HERE).


Not long from now, the Meridian Expedition will let me move on, I will leave La Gomera again with the Spirebos.


What others write about me

Einer meiner Arbeitsplätze
One of my workplaces
  • You can find a description of my life written by the Spirebo community in the text The man in our midst.
  • Here you can find 4 articles about the Meridian Expedition in the Allversum Magazine: 

Please translate the articles yourself via Google or deepl.com, thanks!

My life as a radio

Gesprächsrunde auf dem Achterdeck der Stahlratte
Round table on the quarterdeck of the steel rat

After 12 years of serious illness, the spirit world let me know that in this life I am capable of being a mediator between the spirit world and the material world.



I have accepted this task and feel that I am a tool of the spirit world.


I am like a radio. One can listen to me, 

or not.


I am convinced that the right impulses and insights can also be gained in everyday life – and not only in the quiet chamber, in meditation.



Both are important on one’s own path.

I have nothing “nailed to the wall” to show for it

Ein anderer meiner Arbeitsplätze
Another of my workplaces

Spiritual teacher, shaman, mediator of the spiritual world, madman or sage, light bringer, guru or druid:



Decide for yourself who I am – or will be – for you.


I do not have any diplomas or certificates to show, because I was not trained by worldly or spiritual teachers.


My training until now – and also further – I owe to the spiritual world.


Aus Liebe zu der Menschheit
This little girl I helped in Bulgaria

Here are 4 explanations from different sources:

• Buddhism defines Bodhisattva as follows:

“At the center of Mahayana is compassion toward all living beings, as a grand conception based on the realization of compassion and all-embracing love. This attitude is embodied in the ideal of the bodhisattwa (enlightened being).


A bodhisattwa is a person who has followed the Buddhist path to its end, but who has selflessly renounced his final entry into nirvana. He voluntarily returns to the wheel of rebirths until all beings are redeemed. The actions of a bodhisattwa are determined by the quality of compassion, which is supported by the highest insight and wisdom.”

• From the book Mystica - The Great Mysteries of Mankind:

“Bodhisattva: an enlightened one who, out of compassion for those who suffer, incarnates again and again on earth until all are redeemed.”

• From the Duden - The Foreign Dictionary:

“Bodhisattwa (Sanskrit) – “Becoming Buddha who delays the step into ultimate perfection to help the pious.”

• You can read my personal definition here as an excerpt from the book "The Freedom Fighter":

Excerpt from “The Freedom Fighter” BODHISATTVA

You can have a look to the whole book


(In German!)

Spiritual Rainbow Community


Odrintsi, Bulgaria 2021

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