Shamanic counselor

with the support of the Bodhisattva soul Afrani (Mary Magdalene)


How can someone ask my advice?

Meditation in der Gemeinschaft

Meditation in the community

Support to remove blockages:

What is the cause of a blockage?

It arises from false information or missing information – thus mental unconsciousness. About asked questions can recognize from you where misinformation has settled in your mind, whereby you believe in an untruth.


Through this, blockages have developed, and your energies can not flow, because the mind again and again limits everything.

Through the clarification of the questions consciousness can arise. 


Thereby the blockades are solved, one finds again to his creative love and the harmonization of the 7 senses adjusts itself. Thus one becomes the guardian of the light centers of this world.

Whenever we hold on to untruths, we displace our own soul. Piece by piece – and the helping souls in our natural environment. This leads for years to a spiritual collapse in our world.

Every blockage excludes judgments (own soul parts, what your soul consists of). These cannot express themselves about your mind. And thus you live detached from your own spiritual truth which makes up your soul (all little judgments), gives it your/their personality.


Thereby every single human being becomes something very special, yes unique. 


If all people expressed their entire soul through their mind, we could visibly see in our material world what constitutes the purest light in the final heaven. 


We would all live together in a paradise.


We would not need laws and their guardians, because we would know what our spiritual task would be and would fill the position in our community of life that would make the whole community strong, wholesome, peaceful, harmonious and happy.

If you are interested or have further questions, you can reach me via the contact form or at the following e-mail addresses:

When can someone take my advice?

Auf manche Fragen im Inneren findet man selbst einfach keine Antwort.

Some questions inside you just can’t find an answer yourself.

– Every person seeking advice can turn to me who is preoccupied with questions of life and meaning. Likewise, any person who feels affected by blockages, who wants to find out the trigger, the deep reason and the imbalance of the disturbance.

– In general, every person who has open questions, or who is concerned about something specific, or even undefined, can contact me. In advance I do not want to exclude anyone.

To all those who feel co-responsible for our earth and who want to make this world more peaceful with their love, I give the possibility that they develop into guardians of sacred places and power spots and thus energy carriers for the 72 light centers in our earth world. 

What do I want in return for my advice?

Jürgen berät
Eine typische Szene aus einer Gesprächsrunde

A typical scene from a round of talks

Our creation system is based on resonance, the balance of give and take.

In earlier times, there were still “seeing” people who had the abilities to perceive the invisible behind everything. To analyze the intangible and had the gift to guide people, or rather accompany them, when they came to them with their requests or concerns.

The work and help of these people was highly valued and those seeking advice exchanged the help they gained with what they had and what the advice seemed to them to be worth.


Whether rich or poor, everyone gave what was possible for him. Thus, on a resonance basis, everyone got back in the spiritual the share he had given.

Give and take should have the same value.

Our world tends more and more to the fact that we humans are conditioned to take. And not to give back what would be right and would bring compensation for the gifts we have received – be it on a spiritual or material level.

Everything that one receives or takes for which one does not provide a creatively just compensation will not bring one further in life. It does not correspond to the principle of resonance.

The right amount of give and take will release energies in you that will further help you, for example, to activate self-healing powers.

If you would like to support my work or send me a compensation, here are my contact details

What will happen if you take my shamanic advice?

Nimm das Steuer in die Hand und werde Herr über dein eigenes Leben!

Take the wheel in your own hands and become the master of your own life!

Here's what you need to know:

Answering questions personally

I would like to help over the answering of personal questions that the spiritual consciousness of each advice-seeker can expand, in order to develop itself to a guardian.


On this way I help and support to solve possible blockades, so that the soul original reason, the creative love of this person can express itself.

My advice is for people who feel responsible for this world

In particular, I would like to make my mediator role as a shamanic advisor available to people who themselves feel completely responsible for our wonderful world.


Which unfortunately has been abused by dark forces and energies for thousands of years, and which will experience a spiritual collapse if people do not declare themselves ready to stand up for this world on the spiritual level.

The release of blockages

All these people, who may be hindered by blockades, who may also lack a corresponding awareness of the profound connections of our system of creation, I would like to stand by as a counselor.

I alone am not the one who gives advice. I am like a radio that you can turn on and off. A spokesman for the spirit world.

No one is forced to listen to me.
I will help if someone asks for it.

Activating your self-healing powers

Through the Meridian – Expedition (more information you can find here – MERIDIAN – EXPEDITION – on


thousands of sacred places and power spots on this earth have been reactivated. Certain meditation and energy work can help you boost your limbic and endocrine systems. 


This in turn will activate your self-healing powers if you allow it to work with joy and love in your heart. Free from constraints and fears.

Let your energy flow freely, don't hold it in!

According to the resonance principle, it will flow to the activated sacred places and power places, where it is needed.

Through a feedback of this energy, which is also potentiated over it, this flows back to you, which you need to bring you further on your personal path.

Man erkennt sich selbst im Leben, nicht nur in der Meditation
Man erkennt sich selbst im Leben, nicht nur in der Meditation

One recognizes oneself in life, not only in meditation

If you are then ready to change also your thoughts so far, in order to recognize what actually blocks you, what torments you and you cannot recognize it, then a fundamental change will occur. You help yourselves with it!

A pain patient who has been cared for decades will often enough not want to give up his suffering – even if he cannot or will not openly admit it.


Admission is the first step, and I don’t want to “help” for decades if it is not really necessary or desired.

I would like to help you find your way and give you the strength to be able to go it!

A German alternative practitioner shared with me what he was taught during his training: To do well economically, you should have as many chronic patients as possible – and keep them as well as possible.

Exactly this is WHAT I DON’T WANT IN ANY CASE, because my personal advice should lead to personal freedom at some point. So that each one treads his path out of himself.

I want to work and act with the people who want to develop. I see myself as a companion of a short piece, not as a permanent crutch in the life of a person.

Spiritual World?

Here I explain what I mean by this:

  • It starts with my soul or also your soul, if you really know it. It goes on with the spiritual model of your soul (your fairy) and all her helper souls in the wonderful nature. 


It expands with all the spiritual energies (souls) about which a human being has true spiritual consciousness.


We humans count about 8 billion individuals and therefore also 8 billion individual souls and their spiritual models and helper souls. 


This also includes the helpers in other dimensions, such as the spirit guide of your soul in the 2nd dimension with all his helpers and advisors.

In addition spiritual beings in the 3rd and 4th dimension or also displaced soul parts which have withdrawn into the first heaven and wait for you to approach your spiritual truth to have protection in your body again. 

Furthermore Bodhisattwa souls who are in the 1st dimension or in the first heaven. And the light beings of the 5th dimension.

The guardian energy that shields the final heaven.

And last but not least the purest light in the final heaven in all their multifaceted ways.


Every human being decides with his spiritual consciousness about the size, width, variety of his or the spiritual world.



S U C C E N T    O F    T H E    G E N E R A L    W A R D I N G


To him who seeks, may it be opened.


My search has been taking place since 1998 – and usually 24 hours a day, even at night – which is possible when there is nothing in life that is more important than the exploration of spiritual truth.


And thus the spiritual world becomes bigger, more numerous, more valuable, more true and more lovely day by day.

Become a guardian!

Zusammen ist man stark - auch wenn man sich nicht persönlich kennt

Together we are strong – even if we do not know each other personally

Through my sensory training, I want to guide people on how to uphold the power places and sacred places of our earth. By using their own seven senses in a natural way.

These places do not only belong to shamans, medicine men or wise women – they are there for all people to support them in their lives. 


So also every person, who trusts himself, can preserve, protect and guard these places on the spiritual level.

It is not necessary to visit these places in a gross material way, the whole thing takes place according to the creative resonance principle, one of the most important expressions of creative love in our level of consciousness.

Anyone who feels called to do this or would like to know more about it can come and visit me and/or ask questions about it from a distance.


This does not require any prior knowledge or spiritual knowledge.

With love in my heart and ready to stand by your side,

your Jürgen

Shamanic advisor of the Spirebo community